Arai RX-7V Evo Frost Black Motorcycle Helmet Race Matt Black + Pinlock Ece 2206 - Arai

Arai RX-7V Evo Frost Black Motorcycle Helmet Race Matt Black + Pinlock Ece 2206

**Please Note: These will only come with a clear visor, not the dark visor pictured**

Arai’s RX-7 has always been the benchmark in motorcycle racing R&D at the very highest level. 

Handmade in Japan by a three-generation family company of riders, it is Arai’s state of-the-art helmet in terms of protection, ventilation, comfort and fit.

 The new RX-7V EVO, apart from accumulated improvements under the skin, looks identical. Because it is.

The difference? Everything. And most recently ECE R22-06 approval. Arai is always trying to accumulate small improvements one-by-one decade after decade as well as meeting standards. 

In addition to ECE R22-06, every Arai has to meet the company’s own in-house criteria. 

This is a really important point to note for any rider or racer interested in ultimate protection which comes from Arai’s dedication to protecting fellow riders.

Approval: ECE R22-06

Outer Shell Construction: PB-SNC2

Visor System: Variable Axis System (VAS)

Ventilation: RX-7V EVO Ventilation

Ventilation: Free Flow System (FFS)

Ventilation: Lowered side-air channel

Front Ventilation: Center top vent - intake

Front Ventilation: Diffuser system

Front Ventilation: Brow vents extended to temple area

Front Ventilation: Three position chin vent

Rear Ventilation: Neck exhaust vent

Rear Ventilation: Side exhausts

Aerodynamics: Pull Down Chin Spoiler

Aerodynamics: Patented Air Wing® adjustable

Visor: VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option

Visor: Shield latch system

Visor: Pinlock insert lens

Interior: Antimicrobial Liner material

Interior: Replaceable Cheek pads

Interior: Replaceable Interior

Interior: Replaceable Chinstrap covers

Interior: Replaceable Neckroll

Interior: Speaker pockets

Interior: Facial Contour System (FCS)

Interior: 5mm “Peel Away” Ear cups/Cheek pads

Interior: 5mm “Peel Away” Temple pad

Interior: Thin centre pad for more room in front area

Comfort: Emergency Release System (ERS)

Comfort: Breath guard

Comfort: Chin Curtain (Removable)

General: Glancing Off

General: Five times inspected

General: Washable interior

General: Handmade

General: All-day comfort

General: Penetration tested

General: Double-D ring device

General: Smooth shape, better protection

General: Strong outer shell, soft inner shell

General: Organic shape

General: 5-year limited warranty

General: Different outer shells

General: Arai In-house test

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Arai RX-7V Evo Frost Black Motorcycle Helmet Race Matt Black + Pinlock Ece 2206

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