Furygan Air Bag Gilet In&Motion Motorcycle AirBag Vest for Suits & Jackets - Furygan

Furygan Air Bag Gilet In&Motion Motorcycle AirBag Vest for Suits & Jackets


Wear the airbag under any motorcycle jacket thanks to the new universal Fury Airbag System vest.

The recognised, high-performance, easy-to-use techno- logy from In&motion, inside in a ventilated and thermo-regulating waistcoat developed by Furygan to optimise protection and offer unrivalled comfort.


Large coverage area: neck, back, chest and abdomen.

❚ Muscle support to limit organ movement during a crash.

❚ Optimised inflating speed and high- performance electronics.

❚ Protections Chest LNR D3O optional.

Chest protector pockets included into the airbag. Chest protector LNR D3O to be ordered separately.

❚ Level 2 1621-2 CE approved D3O back protector for high back protection in all circumstances.

❚ 3D Mesh technology that creates air circulation and thermal insulation allowing a constant temperature inside the vest, whatever the temperature outside.

Specially designed to be worn under motorcycle jackets our airbag vest

is comfortable to wear, invisible from the outside and adapts to every body shape.

❚ Ultra stretchable sides of to allow a perfect fit thanks to its superior elasticity.

❚ Control the dashboard of your vest (autonomy, updates, inflator connection check and much more...) thanks to the «My In&box» mobile app.

❚ Advanced battery-life: 25 hours of riding.

❚ Inflator easily replaceable in a few minutes by the user.

❚ 3 triggering modes: road, track and adventure.


The total you pay buys you the airbag jacket itself and includes one gas canister already installed in the system.
The 'brain' is supplied by in&motion and requires a subscription similar to a mobile phone.
This subscription includes ALL updates for free as the algorithms continue to develop.
The 'brain' is approx £12 per month as a subscription.
The subscription service will give you unlimited warranty and more importantly after 3 consecutive years of leasing you get the new generation version when available.
You can cancel anytime should you decide to stop riding.
If, after 3 years of continuous leasing you find you would just prefer to purchase it outright then it is just 99 euros and its yours.
The In&box is permanently activated through the product registration and the choice of your subscription on the website 

through a purchase (REGULAR outright purchase £399) or a leasing (REVOLUTION formula similar to a mobile phone contract)

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Furygan Air Bag Gilet In&Motion Motorcycle AirBag Vest for Suits & Jackets

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