RST Podium Airbag One Piece Leather Motorcycle Motorbike Suit 2522 White CE AAA - RST

RST Podium Airbag One Piece Leather Motorcycle Motorbike Suit 2522 White CE AAA

**Polite Notice**

As of the 15/02/2022 no airbag suit in the UK will come with the In&Motion box. 

When you receive your suit you will need to go on the In&motion website to register your purchase and they will send the box to you.

Is this really an entry level one piece suit

 We've packed so much spec into the Podium Integrated Airbag suit it will blow your mind.

Cut less aggressively than our track focused suits, Podium is fully CE certified to level AAA and is perfect for everyday road riding.

Made from a full grain leather, the suit is reinforced with four-way woven stretch with full body motion panels across the arms to the top of the chest, - 

side of the body and inner thigh to the seat area for superior levels of comfort and movement on and off the bike and aids airbag deployment.

The suit features a fixed mesh lining to absorb sweat, which along with panel-in-panel ventilation keeps you fresh. 

The lining is designed to make the suit easy to put on and take off and also provides easier access to the In&box and gas canister.

As for protection, the suite of CE Level 1 armour, 

TPU shoulder cups, and the integrated In&motion airbag technology all complement this simple, yet impactful one piece suit.


CE Certification Rating: AAA

Back Protector: In&motion CE Back Protector Level 1

Shoulder Armour: CE Level 1

Elbow Armour: CE Level 1

Hip Armour: CE Level 1

Knee Armour: CE Level 1

Shoulder Cup: TPU

Airbag: In&motion System


Main Outer Material: Full Grain Leather

Stretch Material: 4 Way Woven Stretch Panels with Full Body Motion panels

Inner Lining: Fixed Mesh Lining

Collar: Neoprene Race

Cuff: Neoprene Race

Zips: MAX Zips

Thread: Bonded Nylon

Ventilation: Panel in Panel Perforated Leather

Reinforcement: Double Leather in Impact Areas


Hump: Aerodynamic Race Hump

Knee Slider: No - Loop material featured on suit



The total you pay buys you the airbag suit itself and includes one gas canister already installed in the system.
The 'brain' is supplied by in&motion (although it is included with the item) and requires a subscription similar to a mobile phone.
This subscription includes ALL updates for free as the algorithms continue to develop.
The 'brain' is approx £12 per month as a subscription.
The subscription service will give you unlimited warranty and more importantly after 3 consecutive years of leasing you get the new generation version when available.
You can cancel anytime should you decide to stop riding.
If, after 3 years of continuous leasing you find you would just prefer to purchase it outright then it is just 99 euros and its yours.
The In&box is permanently activated through the product registration and the choice of your subscription on the website 
through a purchase (REGULAR outright purchase £399) or a leasing (REVOLUTION formula similar to a mobile phone contract)

reward points

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RST Podium Airbag One Piece Leather Motorcycle Motorbike Suit 2522 White CE AAA

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