The Motorsport lifestyle community

Passion for design, for technique, and for speed. Unquestionably. But above all else, responsibility in devising design solutions worthy of winning motorcycle riders’ esteem over the years, as well as that special perception of trust in apparel that combines protection, comfort, style, and practicality. Tradition. In a word, the SPIDI emotion. Profound concepts that describe the exchanges of awareness between groups of people who work in a community inspired by the research and development of new products that make riding a motorcycle safer and safer. More and more secure, and offering greater comfort when riding through your town or even on the most adventurous road trip. We develop products and processes responsibly, and we’ve been doing it since 1977. We’ve always got to take things to the next highest level, and certainly not by looking only at the market or the look. This commitment among motorcycle riders, the shared responsibility of raising the product’s standard, complicity in attempting to augment safety will make the difference that will be appreciated by those who – like us – share this special dimension. We are the MOTORSPORT LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY.

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